Some key
benefits include:

  • Easily integrated with any existing EMR/EHR or practice management system
  • Simplified, automatic recurring payment plans
  • Robust text/email capability
  • Eliminates paper statements
  • Faster processing of hard to collect patient balances owed
  • Creates operational efficiencies
  • Contactless mobile-based payment feature

The Ultimate Pediatric Payments Processing Solution

Simplify Patient Billing and Collections

Are you using a payments processing system that does not integrate with your current EMR/EHR? Are you forced to use the credit card processor within your current practice management system even though it lacks modern technology and functionality? Would you like to create operational efficiencies and offer greater convenience for your patients?

Why Liquid Payments

Liquid Payments is an end-to-end platform that makes it a lot easier to track and collect payments, communicate with patients, and seamlessly integrate with your current practice management system. Utilizing a simple web portal with configurable messaging, providers can facilitate patient payees via secure SMS (text) messaging and retain payment information on file to collect payment for future healthcare services provided.

Automated, mobile and integrated for streamlined processing and posting


Liquid retrieves patient balance owed, then sends patient actionable mobile statement via SMS/email for mobile card entry. Leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA), the solution facilitates the automatic posting of payments into patient’s account.


Using a remote smart device or in-office, wi-fi based, smart payment terminal, patient pays with speed and convenience.


RPA enables seamless and accurate integration of financial data to any EMR/EHR or pediatric practice management system, thus streamlining operations and reducing costs.

How Our Platform Helps Pediatric Practices

Turnkey Implementation and Customization

Liquid Payments seamlessly integrates with any practice management system. We handle the implementation for you and will have your pediatric practice up and running in no time.

Get Paid Faster

Streamline medical billing and payments with Liquid Payments

Auto-charge balances due using compliant “card-on-file” solution. Set up automatic recurring payment plans to accelerate receivables and improve cash flow.

Patient Convenience

Facilitate a higher level of patient engagement with greater transparency, and offer patients a convenient way to pay (HIPPA and PCI Compliant).

Simplify Billing

Eliminate the time and costs of generating paper statements, manual staff billing and coordinating with 3rd party collections.

Telehealth Solutions

As patient care is increasingly shifting to telemedicine, we are proudly offering a quick, simple and touchless payment processing solution for telehealth providers.

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